The year from 2018 to 2019 is a year when the Chinese e-cigarette industry goes through ups and downs from mushrooming of new start-ups to bankruptcy of weak brands after release of new policies. To long survive and win the market, the companies must find their unique and clear position at the brand level and give consumers a strong visual impression.During cooperation with VPO, we polished the brand and positioned it to be "light up the world firelessly". The fire inside the youth was lit up, irritating their throats and approaching the effect of lighting up a cigarette. Visually, the brand was expected to be “alight” by lighting up the three letters of VPO from the edge to the center in any layout, so as to burn off the negative space and the main part to “ashes”. However, the edge of the letters was lit by bunches of colorful light. This simple and powerful visual design can be applied to any layout, with strong impact and recognition.As for printing process, red gold and black gold stamping is adopted for edge of the letters so that the letters are lit up as what a true fire does.