U卡 produces scientifically nutritional jelly snacks in concept of "pocket health", adding a variety of nutrients to each flavor forge skin care, laxation, hangover cure and other effects.We think about packaging design from the perspective of building an entire brand. The brand logo is designed in simple combination of U and 卡. "Pocket" is used as information to echo the concept of the brand. U becomes the contour of pockets and 卡 turns to be the structure. And meanwhile, a dynamic table carries various product information and pictures. Thereby, a visual extension system of the entire brand is established.The package is designed to a lady bag in the idea of U-shaped pocket, trying to arouse the resonance of the target customers, distinguish itself from all other jelly products and even functional snacks on the market, and be original for people to remember.The U-shaped pocket icon appears on the front of the package as an icon that carries packaging information, with tastes in the upper left corner. Although it is a functional snack, it cannot ignore the expression of taste.The box in the upper right present’s product name, scene, taste and other basic information.The lower part of U has a form similar to a pie chart, filled in three different nutrients and contents respectively. The whole design integrates fashion, rational technology and appetitive effects harmoniously.