‘OP3N’ is a yoghurt brand, which develops delicious yoghurt that has not been seen or rare in the Chinese market with the idea of ‘open new possibilities’.Client want to establish an image that any young people will be happy for a few seconds when they see it. We found inspiration from the form of opening the yogurt lid film, a red dot is torn from above, the red on the front becomes a laughing mouth, and the white on the back of the wave point is exposed at the tear opening, and it becomes downward dripping yogurt through the processing of shadow effect. Add two more black spots and the whole figure becomes a funny smiley face. Smiley faces can be extended into different products by changing the shape of the eyes to produce different interesting expressions.The red smiley face has a super visual impact, resulting in great visibility on the shelf, and at the same time establishing a strong recognition. The replacement of various ingredients and elements in the background of the red smiley face will not affect the unity of the entire brand.As soon as the brand came out, it attracted huge attention and topics, and the products were almost sold out on the first day of listing.