Jetlag Books
“时差图书”是北京三里屯核心商业区一家集生活、旅游、艺术和设计于一体的书店,定位为灵感世界之旅。时差的组合词不是视觉上“整洁”,和J, t, l和g纵向扩展不同的负空间,所以我们利用这个特性来充分拉伸这些信件将不同部分整齐,象征着不同的时区,并安排e的圈子,a和g曲线上升,象征着太阳的高度在不同的时区。我们将这一规则融入到品牌系统中所有的标题词中,这些词的高度和宽度充满了时间和节奏的变化,纵向延伸的线条看起来就像被装订的边缘和书页。在颜色上,我们选择灰色来搭配三个不同时期的“天空色”。在文化意义上有一种复古美学的微光。与传统的将logo复制粘贴到不同材质的方式不同,时差的条纹感与点、线、面之间的关系自然形成图案。Logo总是用一种多维动态的方式贯穿整个画面来延伸应用,让所有材料的品牌识别性更强而不枯燥。
Positioned as a world tour of inspiration, Jetlag books is a bookstore in Beijing Sanlitun core commercial district that focuses on lifestyle, travel, art and design. Jetlag is a combination of words that are not visually "neat", and J, t, l and g extend different negative spaces longitudinally up and down, so we take advantage of this feature to fully stretch these letters to divide different sections neatly, symbolizing different time zones, and arrange the circles of e, a, and g into a rising curve, symbolizing the height of the sun in different time zones. We integrate this rule into all of the title words in the brand system, where the height and width of the words are full of time and rhythm changes, and the lines stretched lengthwise look like bound edges and pages. In terms of color, we choose the gray color to match with three "sky colors" of different time periods. There is a glimmer of retro aesthetic in the cultural sense. Different from the traditional way of copying and pasting logo into different materials, the relationship between the stripe feeling of jetlag and the dot, line and surface will naturally form a pattern. Logo is always used to extend the application in a multi-dimensional and dynamic way through the whole picture, so that the brand identification of all materials is stronger but not boring.